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SEO as a marketing tool can make or break businesses. Most of the businesses these days are carried online and even others are slowly creating a mark for themselves in the online industry. However, even if your business has nothing to do with the online industry, it is important that the name of your organization hits the top searches in order to gain your place in the respective field. Thus, it is important that users easily find your organization, especially if you are a start-up or a slow-growing business.

  1. Research shows that on a daily basis, about 50% of those who search for information on their smartphones walk into the local stores and about 18% of these searches will result in sales.
  2. If your business depends largely on your website then, applying the correct SEO strategy is required to for its long-term existence.
  3. SEO always produces results that are tangible and qualitative. The more you invest in SEO for website traffic, the more your organization generates revenue.
  4. SEO is a cost-effective way of marketing your business.
  5. Every day the number of users searching for information on search engine platforms is growing. Hence, it is necessary that you stay ahead of the race in order to compete with your biggest competitors.
  6. It is also important to be on page 1 of all search engines, as most users, approximately 50% of them, tend to skip search results from page 2 onwards.

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SEO Tips

Germany is a rich country with a strong economy. German is the official language in many countries and a huge population of the country uses internet regularly for everything, from buying stuff to read news and reviews. It is a huge economy and has a large GDP in the world. As search engines are evolving and becoming more advanced, you need good link building to increase traffic to your websites.

This works in many ways. Links direct traffic to your website. People find the site easily if the link is created properly. The sites become easily distinguishable in a directory when the link building is of higher quality. It also helps the website to be ranked higher in the search engine results.

You need unique, well-researched content and building links from better sources. You need to have keywords that are relevant to German clients. You need content that is specific to the country and appeals to the sensibilities of its natives. When a customer lands on your webpage through SEO, then you should be able to persuade to convert him from a visitor to a buyer. The language should be able to influence him. You cannot use random translation from any website. Proper native language should be used along with keywords that appeal to him.

After all, the modern online market works around SEO that revolve around keywords. So, the website designer has to ensure that the website has elements of the country culture and language as it is targeted at German market.  It should reach all the relevant social media pages, like Facebook, and Twitter. The website should be submitted to the country directory with unique content so that it stands out in the crowded space of internet marketers.

The website should have a great perspective for the visitors. It should be easy to navigate and have interesting content. These are important factors for online marketers everywhere in the world, especially in Germany, as the country has emerged as a leader in the online marketers. The sole reason for the success of these companies depends upon proper SEO marketing techniques.

SEO Tips

“What is the best SUV?” is your search and the website of Jeep comes up first and you click through. You might not buy the car, but, your interest will definitely be piqued and you will also spend a considerable amount of time on the website checking out the cars, features as well as the videos on there. This is ideal both for a user as well as a content creator.

No1 Ranking

When you plan to optimize your website for a search engine, the goal is to be the first listing in a search query. Or at the least the top 3 listings in a search query. When your website is the top 3 in a Google search, it means that you are guaranteed traffic, reach and visibility. If you are an online retailer top billing in a search guarantees you success and an edge over the competition.

Getting to the top means using Suchmaschinen Platzierung, or search engine placement. This, like many other internet-based ideas are strategic moves to help your website rank no1.

Let’s look at a few strategies that webmasters can use to get their websites to no1:

  1. Find a niche and sell it: All business owners who offer services are competing with each other. In order for you to make a dent in this niche, you need to get more specific. For instance, if you sell home décor, you won’t make it past an Amazon which has unlimited products and an unlimited budget. But, if you were to go niche and say “free re-upholstering with your purchase” then chances are that you will rank higher since you have a specific product/service to sell
  2. Realism matters: If you want to get top billing, you can find obscure keywords and sutff your website with them, but this accomplishes nothing! Google has plenty of tools and guides that will help you optimize your website for good rankings.
  • Create content piece by piece: don’t lump an entire website with content that is stuffed with keywords just to get your ranking. Each article/image/video needs to be carefully created to suit SEO needs. Unlike other search engines Google will look at in-depth content and people who search using Google favour authenticity over optimization. So plan this carefully.
  1. Volume matters: Nearly all companies that have an online presence have created budget for content marketing. Content can be blog posts, podcasts, webinars, videos, listicles – to attact readership.
  2. Get links to your site: there are multiple ways in which this can be achieved – writing how-to lists that authority websites and blogs will link to, getting on local business directories, writing guest posts on other popular websites in your niche, find broken links on other websites and request them to be replaced with your link, just to name a few.

SEO Tips